The world has become such a negative place. This podcast is the counterbalance to all of that. The show focuses on good news, interesting people, positivity, and the occasional dad joke. The goal is to make you smile and feel good. Don’t you need that in your life?
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Latest Episodes

Embracing change, Infidelity, A Life Changing Question, Sobriety, and Dating Your Spouse with Dai Manuel

Dai brought it in last week's episode! And he brings the fire again this week. If you are someone who is looking to change their life in a radical way, you need to listen to this episode. Some key moments from this episode: Embracing Change,The Decision to Seek Help,A...

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The Power of Vulnerability: Dai Manuel’s Guide to Living a Fulfilling Life

If you're feeling a constant sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction, despite your efforts to live a fulfilling life aligned with your values, then you are not alone! You may find yourself taking actions such as chasing material possessions or societal recognition, only to realize that these external markers of...

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From Broken To Built: Debunking the Myth of Age-Related Pain with Physical Therapist Delaine Fowler

You've been told that pain is an inevitable part of getting older, so you've accepted it as a normal part of your life. But what if I told you that the action you've been taking to manage that pain is ineffective? Instead of finding relief, you're left feeling even...

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Reclaim Your Strength: Game-Changing Strategies for Fitness Success After 50 with Mark Barnes

Does this sound familiar? You've been told to simply accept the physical decline that comes with age, but deep down, you know there must be a better way. Yet, despite your efforts, you're stuck in a cycle of ineffective actions that leave you feeling frustrated and in pain. It's...

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Discovering the Path to Healing: Sarah Cummins Uncovers the Link Between Stress, Anxiety, and Women’s Health

Does this sound familiar? You're dealing with stress, anxiety, and physical health issues, desperately seeking relief but feeling trapped in a cycle of ineffective solutions. Maybe you've been told to simply push through the pain, but deep down, you know it's not working. The constant battle between your mind...

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Finding Answers on the Camino: Reino Gevers’ Insights on Personal Transformation

Say hello to Reino Gevers, a seasoned journalist, mentor, and prominent speaker. Hailing from South Africa, Reino has navigated his way through many life journeys – including navigating through the apartheid era, unearthing his roots in Germany, and a stressful career in news agency journalism. These experiences have guided...

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